Creating an online loan website takes a little bit more thought process than other types of websites simply due to the fact that tracking the influx and outflow of money is critical to the success of the site. Online loan sites can have one or two functions. The simplest online loan site can be used to gather information to distribute to various loan providers or the site can link lenders directly to applicants such as in peer-to-peer lending. Regardless of which approach you choose, making sure your site is secure is a paramount.

Things You Will Need
  • Website security software

  • Web-page building tools or site building software

Create a home page. Depending on whether you have website programming knowledge or you are a complete novice and are using free site designing tools, designing a website home page for an online loan site should be simple and include high-level information regarding what services you provide. Your homepage should include basic information about what types of loans you provide, whether you provide them directly, and if not, who is providing them. Your homepage should also include links to additional pages that go into greater depth about the terms of the loans and how to apply and links to each loan product you will be servicing or reselling.

Create an application form. In order to facilitate the loan process, you will need to create a page that your applicants will complete in order to apply for the loan. You will need to collect basic identification information such as name, address, phone numbers, birth date, Social Security number, employment information including employer contact information and income. You will also need to add an agreement to the loans terms section and a place for an electronic signature.

Create a terms and conditions page. You will also need to ensure that your applicants understand that the proceeds that they will be receiving will need to be repaid and what the terms are for repayment. Your customers will also need to understand what the cost of the loan will be and what the default costs and collection procedures will be in the event they fail to repay the loan. These are the terms that your customer will be agreeing to when completing the application and affixing their electronic signature.

Create a secure site and connection. Your site, whether you will be servicing the loans or passing the applicants' information to third party lenders, will need to be secure and protect your customers’ information against cybercrime. Sites can be secured by utilizing the services of recognized web security products from such companies as VeriSign.

Get a license. Licensing requirements for online businesses vary from state to state. It is important that you check with your local state licensing/business registering body to ensure that you have applied for the appropriate licenses and surety bonds where necessary.

Go live. After your site has been created, you will need to put the site up on the Internet and then begin marketing your services.