How to Start a Delivery Business

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A delivery service is one of easiest businesses to start. Many people do not have the time or resources to run simple errands and would appreciate the assistance of someone who could handle certain tasks on their behalf. A delivery service can pick up groceries or other goods and deliver them to any desired location. It can even work together with stores and deliver their goods for a set price.

Check with your local government office to see if you need to file any documents for your new business. Your state may require special permits that require filing. Make sure you have all your documents in place. Identify which markets you would like to target for providing your delivery services. There are many niches to choose from, such as dry cleaning, medication, flowers, event tickets, and others. You can focus one specific category, or choose to offer delivery for a wide range of services.

Connect with your neighbors, friends and family to find out if they will benefit from your delivery service. Many people don't have the time or transportation to pick up groceries and therefore must rely on cabs. Check to see how much money cabs are charging and lower your price slightly to provide a better offer.

Sign contracts with pharmacies, post offices, department stores, banks, grocery stores and other places that could take advantage of your delivery service to transport their goods. Make a contract to pick up their goods everyday at a set time so that you can establish a continuous, recurring income. This will help you avoid the need to take random requests that might not be fulfilled.

Advertise your business. Put up fliers, hand out brochures, advertise online, or use word of mouth to get the message across about your delivery service. Once you have a set of satisfied clients, you will notice that the word will go around about your reliable delivery service.

Develop a website that will manage your services and allow customers to log in and request deliveries. This will benefit your business as buying goods and services online has become very common with people. You will also stand out from other delivery businesses that do not offer this service. The website could be used as another venue to advertise your business.

Get a vehicle for your delivery service or use one you already own. Make sure it is reliable and has ample room for any goods that you plan to deliver. Usually cars with a slightly larger back or trunk work best. You can choose to purchase a larger vehicle later on as your business grows.

Keep a cell phone with you at all times. Whether you choose to deliver goods and services on a contract basis or individually, it is always best to keep a cell phone with you so that clients can contact you. It will also help you to locate hard-to-reach addresses to guarantee that all deliveries are made on time.

Subcontract your services to other drivers once business increases. This will give you more time to concentrate on marketing and expanding your business even more.


  • Ask for customer feedback and improve your business according to the suggestions you receive.