How do I Find Free Online Classes on Starting a Consignment Thrift Store?

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Consignment and thrift stores have become increasingly popular in the down economy, especially those that sell children's, vintage and designer goods. Starting such a business can be done in several ways and costs less than starting a traditional retail store. Before starting a consignment thrift store, gain as much knowledge about the industry as possible. One way to do this is by seeking out free online classes, reports and websites about starting a consignment or thrift store.

Read articles, blogs and forums about starting a consignment store, such as Too Good to Be Threw. Though these resources aren't traditional online classes, they provide just as much, if not more, information about the process of starting a thrift store. Typically, the content on these sites is provided by veteran consignment and thrift store owners.

Visit websites such as, and sign up for their free email consignment courses. You will receive sections, or modules, of information weekly or every few days. These classes are ideal for people who want to learn slowly or do not have time to read through a great deal of information at once.

Download free consignment store business reports from websites such as These reports are similar to a course, and generally contain the same information but in a shorter format.



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