There are many details to consider when moving a business to Canada. Not only must you register your business in Canada, you'll also need to submit an immigration application. Once it is approved and you arrive, familiarize yourself with the Canadian business and tax system.

Things You Will Need
  • Valid passport

  • Approved application

  • Financial details

  • Business plan

Step 1.

Contact the Department of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada to obtain an application for moving to Canada.

Step 2.

Fill out the application with your personal information and select the business-immigration option on the application form.

Step 3.

Provide the proper business documentation for your choice. You need to include an overview of your earnings, business status and a solid business plan. You need to prove that you are financially stable and will not be a burden on the Canadian system. Submit the form and expect to wait 20 weeks for an answer.

Step 4.

Travel to Canada after your application has been approved. Once you reach the border, present a list of items you are bringing into the country. You also need to show a valid passport and your approved business-immigration form.

Step 5.

Register your business at your local Service Canada office. Ask the clerk for the proper form for pre-existing businesses. You will get your business license upon registration.

Step 6.

Apply for an HST permit, formerly known as the GST permit. Learn about the business tax system in Canada. According to the Canada Revenue Agency, you need to pay 15 percent on all of your earnings for a year. This is paid in one annual lump sum.