How do I Buy Wholesale for Western Decor & Clothes?

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Although dozens of brick and mortar stores as well as websites boast wholesale prices, the below cost price is generally sold to operational wholesale businesses. Usually wholesale prices offered to consumers are clearance or discontinued items and typically are not returnable. They often require a club fee entry to purchase the items below cost. However, items that have been on sale for a long period of time are often reduced significantly and are in the wholesale price parameter. Whether purchases are made for a retail shop or personal use, with a keen savvy eye for western goods, wholesale bargains are possible.

Western Home Décor Wholesale Purchasing

Choose the type of western home décor item themes you will be carrying in your retail shop. For instance, western décor often includes Indian-influenced items such as dream catchers, mountain spirit figurines and healing circle plaques. Keep in mind that carrying both influences, such as wagon wheel benches, western mirrors, cowboy statues, buckhorn wall décor, or hat hooks will increase your inventory budget.

Conduct an Internet search by using a wholesale western merchandise supplier’s directory such as You will get a list of wholesalers, resellers and liquidators along with their descriptions. Keep in mind that each company has its own minimum quantities as well as pricing structure.

Register your company in the wholesale form provided by the wholesaler. Although the registration process is free, your company must be approved prior to making your first purchase.

Discuss merchandise returns, especially if you are purchasing from resellers or liquidators. You may not be able to return the goods and will not be able to purchase a sample of the western décor prior to placing your order.

Negotiate the wholesale price for multiple purchases. For instance, if you are purchasing western photo frames, horseshoe mirrors and bronco figurines, you will most likely be able to reduce the overall price on your order. Wholesalers will be more reluctant to reduce the cost for one-item purchases.

Western Apparel Wholesale Purchasing

Choose the type of western apparel you will be carrying in your retail shop such as western embroidered cowgirl shirts, vests, buckle back pants, as well as western jackets and dusters. For instance, if you are featuring western shirts, make sure they feature western details, such as a diamond-cut snap pocket flap design.

Choose the type of coordinating western accessories you will be offering, such as bandanas, bolo ties or cowboy boots. Although this step is optional, accessorizing the western clothing will give your customers a visual of how to wear the ensembles.

Conduct an Internet search for wholesale western apparel such as or through a western wholesale apparel supplier. Keep in mind that if you are a consumer, you will be redirected to a separate page. Wholesalers of western apparel will be asked to register with the company.

Repeat Section 1, Step 3 and register your apparel company with the provided form.

Discuss the apparel returns as well as delivery schedule. If you are stocking a western-inspired apparel store, you will need to coordinate your delivery schedule to receive ensembles at the same time. For instance, if all of your shirts arrive and you have not scheduled to receive skirts or pants during the same time frame, you will most likely lose shirt- and ensemble- sales.

Negotiate discounts on the wholesale items per category. For instance, ask for a reduced price if you purchase three different shirt styles. Wholesalers will be reluctant to discount one style per category, but will lower the price significantly per group.



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