Entrepreneurs can gain direct access to Walmart's customers and benefit from the retailer's success by leasing space within one of its superstores. To receive consideration, your business must not compete directly with the retailer or provide items or services that conflict with its policies. Lease spaces are available only in the vestibules of the stores.

Tenant Expectations

Walmart's Landlord and Tenant handbook contains its policies for tenants as well as its expectations. Review the material before applying for a lease to ensure your products and services are appropriate for the store. You can download the handbook from Walmart's realty website. After reviewing the information, visit the realty website to look through the stores with available spaces and select one appropriate for you.

Initial Application Process

Walmart's New Tenant Business Summary Form is available for download from the retailer's realty website. The summary form requires information such as your business name, function, number of locations inside and outside Walmart, if any, your marketing plan and monthly sales. You will submit the completed form to the office overseeing the territory. A representative will contact you.

Franchise Opportunities

Some popular franchises are a regular presence in many Walmart superstores including McDonalds, Subway and Dunkin Donuts. If you are interested in owning one of these franchises, you could apply for retail space with appropriate facilities, such as a kitchen, when you become a franchise owner.