How do I License Greek Products for Sororities?

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In order to legally sell products with the Greek Sorority trademarks, you must obtain a license for each organization prior to all sales. Greek organizations have the exclusive rights to their trademark, and permission must be granted through licensing in order to sell merchandise that incorporates these trademarks for profit.

Create a sample of each product you would like to sell for each Greek Sorority organization. This sample must be a clear depiction of how the merchandise will look for each Greek Sorority trademark.

Complete the application for Greek licensing. Download the application for Affinity Consultants (AMC) from their website or contact the specific Greek Sorority organization for procedures and applications. You may contact AMC for an application via email, mail or fax. You must have Adobe Reader installed to download the application.

Submit the completed application along with all product samples and any required fees and financial documentation for each Greek Sorority organization to AMC or the specific Greek Sorority organization. AMC or the Greek Sorority Organization will contact you with regard to your licensing approval for the products you wish to sell.


  • This license is only valid for one year and must be renewed to continue selling the merchandise for each Greek Sorority.


  • If you sell merchandise without a legal license, the Greek organizations have the right to take legal action against you.


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