The State of West Virgina allows installment payment plans for taxes if the individual can prove an inability to pay the full amount by the due date. The process involves completing a form with your information and the amount you plan to pay. The state charges a high interest rate for the outstanding balance so it advises applicants to make monthly payments as high as possible to reduce overall costs.

Arranging Installment Payments

Contact the West Virginia State Tax Department and ask to set up an installment payment plan. The office numbers as of October 2014 are (304) 558-3333 or 1-800-982-8297. A representative will send you form CD-5, Payment Agreement Request, or you can download it from the website. The form requires information such as you and your spouse's names, Social Security numbers, address, telephone numbers and employment or business name. You must also provide your bank account details, monthly income and expenses and proposed monthly payment amount. Mail the form to the address listed for balance-due returns, along with a check for your first payment. If the department approves the payment installment, payments would be due on the 15th of each month. Speak with a representative from the state tax department to learn more about interest and other fees that may apply.