How to Pick a Business Start-Up Date in Astrology

If you've been sitting on the fence about when to launch your business, electional astrology may help you pinpoint the right date. This branch of astrology scopes the heavens for the most favorable times to launch fledgling enterprises, taking cues from planetary alignments and their interplay with astrological birth charts.

Lucky Stars

When using astrology to determine a good time to launch a business, what's actually happening is that an astrological birth chart is generated for your business and the planetary conditions are monitored for that particular time. You must decide what constitutes the "start" of your business, notes the Arizona Society of Astrologers website. For some, this could mean the date you open your business or the date you conduct your first transaction. However, the ASA recommends using the date of incorporation as your point of reference. Business owners and partners may also wish to monitor their own birth charts for planetary activity at the prospective start date.


An astrological chart is typically composed of 12 "houses," each representing some arena of experience in a person's life. Transposed to a business chart, those 12 houses designate some aspect of the business, whether it is liquid assets, employees or relations with the public. The critical house to examine for electional timing purposes is the 10th. Astrologers look at planetary placements on a chart, or what house a planet occupies, for clues to the energies that will prevail for the house in question. Saturn, which is the planet of responsibilities, occupies the 10th house. It denotes strong managerial ability and is an excellent placement, according to the astrology site Cyberastro. A new company keen on success would look for an inaugural start date where Saturn's house-placement is favorable, and not inhospitable to that planet, such as the 9th or 12th house.

Mercury Retrograde

One thing to keep an eye on when selecting a business start date is Mercury retrograde, notes astrological site Astrology Alive. Mercury is the planet of communications, trade, sales and negotiations. When Mercury is in retrograde, which happens about three times a year for approximately three weeks, the planet seems to be moving backwards in the heavens, with chaos ensuing down below. During these times, curious mishaps often occur, whether it's a printing mistake or a dealmaker saying no to a proposition. You'll want to avoid these iffy times for your kick-off date.

Lunar Phases and Elements

A simple rule of thumb for business start-up dates involves the waxing and waning phases of the moon. You'll want a start date that mirrors the expansiveness of the moon because this bodes well for the forward momentum of your enterprise. Astrology Alive says any day during the two-week period of waxing following the new moon is a good time to start a business. Beyond this, determine which of the four elements -- fire, earth, air or water -- the moon is in, as each corresponds with a particular energy. A new moon in a fire sign is best for initiating any action.

Vedic Astrology

Astrology consultancy Healing Stars uses Vedic astrology as the basis for determining the commencement of a business. For longevity, it recommends starting a business on Wednesday or Saturday. Planetary placements at inception are significant for the future success of a business, so the sun should be strong -- i.e. in the signs of Aries and Leo. Also, the bodies that rule business -- namely Mercury, Saturn and the moon -- should be well-placed so that they are not in their weak signs or in difficult houses in the astrological chart.


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