How to Sell Wholesale Clothing

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Wholesale clothing selling has turned into a profitable business opportunity over the years. Everyone searches for the best top brand-name clothing at the cheapest price. Most sellers have the formula down to an exact science, while others just “wing it” until they find a method that works for them. Although online marketing has become an easy method for marketing in the wholesale clothing business, off-line marketing still works.

Purchase wholesale clothing. You can buy wholesale clothing cheaply at consignment stores, buy/sell/trade shops and wholesale retail stores like Marshalls and T.J.Maxx.

Buy in bulk. Orders of greater size will save money since most retailers will give you a reasonable discount on wholesale clothing if bought in bulk.

Inspect the clothing before you purchase it or when you receive the order, if you ordered from an online retailer. Exchange any damaged clothing, including missing buttons and tears in the fabric, to the retailer. Selling damaged clothing will give your customers a bad impression of your business and discourage them from returning for more clothing. Accumulating multiple bad customer reviews will only spread negative feedback, which will lower your business sales tremendously. No customer likes damaged goods.

Organize the clothing on racks. Whether you choose to sell clothing online or off-line, organizing the clothes will help save time. Every owner should know the location of every type of garment in her possession. The racks will prevent any damage to the clothes.

Make business cards and carry them around with you wherever you go. You never know when you might run into an opportunity, so keep a few business cards with you. Be sure to include your contact information and product information. If you have a website or use eBay, put the website links on them.

Sell online. Auctioning websites like eBay will help your business grow since you can target a larger area of customers. Keep in mind shipping and handling processes.

Sell at the flea market. While it may seem old school, people still shop at flea markets. Flea markets are one of the better methods to introduce a town or community to your products. No one will know your wholesale clothing business exists if you do not market it.


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