How to Use Intuit for My Veterinary Clinic

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Whether you’re launching a new veterinary clinic or wondering how to run an established one more efficiently, Intuit Small Business services can provide the tools you need to develop a website, maintain your accounting, administer payroll, accept client payments, pay bills and more. When your animal care and customer service duties are done for the day, consolidated Intuit services can help you run the back office with a menu of programs and services all priced separately.

Organize your revenue and expenses with Intuit’s online QuickBooks program. If you’re launching a new veterinary clinic, your business model will rely on revenue estimates based on how many hours and days a week you’ll operate and an average charge per animal, according to You’ll also want to estimate expenses such as rent, utilities and payroll. Intuit’s basic QuickBooks Online costs $9.95 per month and allows you to set up your revenue and expenses sheets so you can create standard reports and invoices, track payments, and import customer and other lists from other programs. A more advanced version of Intuit’s QuickBooks also is available for a higher monthly fee.

Develop your clinic’s online presence using Intuit’s website development and hosting tools. Starting at $4.99 a month, Intuit’s website program provides more than 2,000 site designs plus the option to add graphics specific to your veterinary practice. If you have your own clinic logo you can add that, too, or you can rely solely on the tools provided by Intuit for the appearance of your site, clinic logo, etc.

Maintain online payroll recording keeping with Intuit’s Online Payroll program. Veterinary clinics typically employ two to four people per doctor, according to If you want to start with a similarly limited staff to hold down expenses, the Intuit payroll program can accommodate current staff size and expand as your staff grows. Starting at $9.99 a month for one employee, Intuit’s payroll allows you to enter number of hours per employee, create paychecks, and choose method of payment: direct deposit or checks.

Accept client payments for animal care via credit or debit cards using Intuit’s Payment Solutions. Starting at $12.95 a month, payment offerings include a basic package that does not require you to use QuickBooks, as well as higher-fee packages that provide payment processing to work in conjunction with your QuickBooks account. You can process payments anytime so long as you have Internet access, and you do not need to lease a credit card processing machine.


  • Consult with fellow veterinarians who successfully run their own clinics. Ask them how they use various software packages to manage their businesses. Make note of their comments and explore how Intuit’s offerings can help you launch and operate your clinic.



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