How to Import Wholesale Jewelry

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For business entrepreneurs who wish to sell jewelry for profit, purchasing inventory at wholesale prices offers the opportunity for a wider profit margin than regular bulk pricing from a second-hand provider. Some jewelry business owners prefer to not only sell domestic jewelry, but imported jewelry as well. You can obtain wholesale jewelry imports with the proper tax identification, a foreign supplier and some investment capital.

Obtain the proper tax documentation. A true wholesale jewelry establishment will sell only to buyers that provide them with documentation of a state sales tax ID, a state employer identification number and a business tax ID. A federal tax ID number can work as a business tax ID number. Apply for the state sales tax ID and the state employer identification number with your state's tax commission. Obtain a federal tax ID number through the IRS the link in the Resources section.

Find a wholesale jewelry supplier through supplier directories like the one at Select the jewelry category of wholesale providers, and find a supplier that offers the type of jewelry you want to import. If you want to import jewelry from a particular country, Alibaba allows users to narrow searches by countries such as China, Japan, Brazil and India.

Place an order, allowing for shipping time. If you import jewelry from foreign countries, shipping time can be several weeks. Also, when placing an order, beware of minimum order amounts. Most wholesalers have minimum order requirements which may be restricted to specific designs or types of jewelry.


  • If you plan to display jewelry in a shop or at a show, plan to purchase jewelry displays. Many wholesale jewelry suppliers sell these displays as well.



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