Marketing your new business to target consumers is a process that requires creative ways to get the word out about your product or service. Flyers, websites, catalog entries, press releases and other such ways to tell the world you are open for business are just a small part of your overall marketing strategy. E-mail addresses and websites are important in marketing your business today, but a telephone number provides your customers and clients with a direct way to reach you. When all else fails, people reach for the phone to find out the information they want to know. Publish your phone number in several places to increase your company’s exposure to future customers.

Step 1.

Call your local phone book company to enter your company in its listings. Phone books are usually only published twice per year, so make sure you get your company’s ad and phone number listed before your opening date if possible. Put your number in the white pages as well so that people who only remember the name of your company can quickly find your number instead of having to search through several yellow pages categories to find your advertisement. Make sure you get your phone number listed in the phone book’s online version as well.

Step 2.

Submit your phone number to search engines and online phone books. Some listings may result in your information being spread to several different sites. Other times, you may have to contact individual sites to get your business phone number listed on the sites and in searches people conduct on them.

Step 3.

List your phone number on your company’s Web site. Include it on your contact page in a prominent location so that it is easy to locate. Put your number at the bottom, top, or sides of each company Web page for quick reference. Also include it on any social networking sites your business is on, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Step 4.

Print your company’s phone number on your business cards, in addition to your other contact information such as e-mail address, website and address. Fliers, newspaper articles or classified advertisements are other good places to put your business’ phone number. Put out a press release in your community’s newspaper announcing the opening of your business or new information regarding your company; include your phone number on the release.