How to Sell General Insurance

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General insurance is also known as property and casualty insurance. This type of insurance protects insured individuals against the loss of personal property and even provides financial protection against injury. This could be an automobile, a home, or even personal or business liability insurance. Property and casualty insurance offers a way for individuals to transfer the risk of damage away from their personal savings and into an insurance company's general account. The insurance company can then pool similar risks and manage them effectively. If you'd like to get into the business of selling general insurance, you'll need to know what is required of you.

Get your prerequisite education. You will need a minimum amount of education and training before you can get your property and casualty license. For example, in New York state you must complete 90 credit hours of study before you can take the exam to become licensed. This educational requirement may be waived if you hold the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriting designation.

Sit for the state exam. You must take a state exam and pass in order to apply for your property and casualty license. These exams are always proctored and there is typically a fee that is payable in advance to sit for the exam.

Download the application form from your state's insurance website, or contact the insurance commissioner's office to request an application. Fill out the application and turn it in with the processing fee to apply for your state-issued property and casualty license.

Take continuing education classes. You must complete the state minimum continuing education requirement before you renew your license. Many states have a two-year renewal schedule. You must complete your continuing education requirements prior to your renewal date in order to continue selling general insurance.


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