How to Start a Wedding Reception Business

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According to “Bridal Bargains” by Denise and Alan Fields, couples spend nearly 50 percent of their total wedding budget on their reception. For people looking to start a small business, investing in wedding receptions offers the potential to thrive and make a considerable amount of money. There is a variety of different niches within the wedding reception business, making it easy to choose something that interests you. While it is moderately challenging to start you own business working in wedding receptions, it offers the potential to utilize your passion and interests in a small business.

Decide on a specialty for your business that relates to wedding receptions. Disc jockeys, limo drivers, caterers, lighting specialists and even cigar rollers are all examples of separate businesses that work together to create a wedding reception.

Create a business name and logo for your business. You may choose to incorporate your name or specialty into the business name. For example, if you are going to start a catering business, your name should involve food and weddings. This will make it easy for potential clients to identify your trade.

Register your business name and logo through your local chamber of commerce, and apply for a business license. This will ensure you have taken all legal precautions for your business, and will also look professional and attract clients. Brides and grooms will want to see your qualifications before agreeing to book you for their reception, and many will not want to deal with someone who does not have a license.

Have business cards made with your name, logo and contact information. Also, set up a professional, well-organized website. Consider hiring a graphic designer to set up your website. Include all of your contact information on the site, as well as photographs of your work at wedding receptions. As you begin working with customers, add testimonials to your website. This will establish your expertise and professionalism in the wedding reception industry.

Advertise your business at bridal shows and in local bridal magazines. This will make it easier for clients to find you and will give you the opportunity to put your name out in the industry. You may also consider meeting with other professionals in the wedding reception industry to ask for recommendations. This way, they can refer their clients to you.

Write and print contracts to keep on file to sign with your clients. Outline all of your guidelines involving payment, cancellations and any other aspects you feel necessary to have in writing. Plan your rates and decide whether they will be hourly or if they will cover the length of the entire wedding reception.

Stay up to date on federal and state safety regulations involving your trade, as well as wedding trends online and in magazines. It is important to know what couples are looking for at their receptions, and trends change quickly.


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