How to Start a Wedding Business From Home

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No matter the season or the economy, weddings are always being planned and performed. Starting a wedding business from home is an idea for a start-up business that, if stewarded well, will grow over time. Determining the areas of the market that are the most in-demand and least saturated is a key factor in deciding what kind of wedding business to start from home.

Define what areas of a wedding your business from home will cater to. Making wedding cakes and creating wedding favors and invitations can be all done at home, but a full-service wedding coordination business can also be run without a storefront. Examine the resources, talents and capital you currently have in order to determine what wedding services you are able to provide. Make a list detailing in full the business you intend to create or the service you can provide from home.

Research the cost of all necessary equipment, products and supplies for the wedding business of your choosing. Estimate any labor costs as well. Set up a rough budget for your business operations.

Invest in enough equipment and product in order to get your business off the ground. For each aspect of a wedding ceremony this means different things. Purchase enough supplies and equipment cover all bases, be competitive in the market and offer professional service while staying within your budget. For example, a wedding photographer needs a camera, memory cards, batteries, lighting equipment and a way to edit photos on a computer in order to be successful and competitive. Developing contacts with service providers is also key in this phase of starting your home business. A wedding coordinator needs connections with floral shops, cake designers, wedding chapels and stationary makers (among many other things and people) to be good at her job.

Create samples of your available products, if possible, to show potential clients and determine actual costs and labor involved. This is extremely important for invitation, party favors, wedding flower arrangements, wedding cakes and wedding photography.

Begin to offer your services to brides-to-be. Offer a discount at first to build your clientele base but charge enough to recover your actual expenses. Market your business to local brides at wedding expositions, bridal fairs, the local paper and through flyers. Self-promote via networking sites to people who are already friends and ask them to recommend you to their friends and networks.

After completing a few weddings, set up a website to showcase your already completed work. Ask for testimonies and referrals from previous clients if the couple was satisfied with your work.


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