When you file the Articles of Organization to create a limited liability company in Michigan, you must provide certain information about your business, such as the name of the business and the name and address of a registered agent for the business. Article II of the Articles of Organization requires you to provide the purpose of the LLC. The Michigan Limited Liability Company Act requires that all LLCs that are organized have a business purpose that is a "lawful purpose."

Create a list of business purposes and activities that your business will conduct. Think of the various activities that your business will perform. For example, if you are starting an automobile dealership, then the purpose would be to sell new and used automobiles, and you would conduct activities such as buying used automobiles, selling used automobiles, selling new automobiles, and performing maintenance on customers' automobiles.

Obtain an Articles of Organization form from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth. Call the office at 517-241-6470 and request a form, or download a copy from its website. Carefully read the instructions that are provided with the form.

State your business purposes and activities on the form. The form does not provide a large area in which to write, so try to condense your list as much as possible. The form states that you may provide a list of activities and purposes if you choose or you can provide a simple statement of lawful purposes and activities.


When filing the Articles of Organization, you must also provide a filing fee of $50.

You can file your Articles of Organization by sending it to:

Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, Bureau of Commercial Services, Corporation Division P.O. Box 30054 Lansing, MI 48909

You may also file the Articles of Organization by taking the form to the DELEG office located at:

2501 Woodlake Circle Okemos, MI 48864