Starting a debit card business puts you on a path to substantial, lucrative earnings. Debit cards are increasing in popularity due to their accessibility. Teenagers on a night out can have their spending monitored by parents. Adults keeping an eye on their budget have a convenient method to pay household finances. To start your own debit card business, have the cards specially manufactured to your specifications. Proper marketing ensures success for your debit card business.

Step 1.

Compare existing debit card services. Figure out how to make your company stand out in the competitive atmosphere.

Step 2.

Figure out the target audience for your debit service. Don't focus on an over-saturated client base. This increases income potential for your business.

Step 3.

Determine what features you wish to offer your debit card customers. You could offer a limited number of free cash withdrawals or cash-back features.

Step 4.

Have cards manufactured. Contact companies that specialize in manufacturing debit cards. Discuss your desired features with the company and the cost to produce your cards.

Step 5.

Make connections. This is the most important part of your debit card business. Establish connections with retailers to sell your cards to their customers. All orders for future cards come through you. Create an online presence to offer resell opportunities to others.


Follow your city and state guidelines to ensure you have the proper retail licensing. Register as an LLC to protect your assets.