How to Price for Office Cleaning

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Starting a cleaning service can be a fairly lucrative endeavor. However, as with any business, you will have dozens of preliminary considerations. One of those is the amount you will charge for your services. No steadfast rules or laws govern the pricing for office cleaning services. Rather, prices are dictated by the market, which includes the demand for such services, the number of office cleaning services available and the prices that are charged at any given time in your area.

Calculate your bottom line. Add up all of your expenses for one month, including car payments or transportation costs, mortgage and utility bills, cleaning products and insurance. Divide this amount by the number of working hours in a month. If you work 40 hours a week, you work an average of 160 hours each month. The quotient is the dollar amount you need to charge per hour in order to break even.

Research what other cleaning companies are charging in your area. Find this information on company websites or advertisements, or call the companies directly. Take note of promotional advertisements and special prices for specific services.

Determine a base price for basic services. Basic services include vacuuming, emptying trashcans and cleaning bathrooms in a small- to medium-sized office suite. Add your total time cost--including work time and travel time--to the cost of supplies. This will give you your base price.

Determine the price for a specific job. Set up a time to tour the space. Take note of the size of the location and estimate how much time you anticipate it taking to complete basic services. Ask the client what their specific cleaning needs are. You do not need to provide a quote on the spot unless you are comfortable doing so.


  • If your cleaning service is your only source of income, you must earn enough to cover your personal expenses as well as your business expenses. Ideally, you should be earning a profit.

    Do not provide a specific price to a client until you have seen the office location and considered their service needs. Tell potential clients that your prices start at your base price but may vary depending upon the specific needs of the customer and the size of the space.

    Before providing a quote, take time to fully consider your bottom line, the prices that other services are charging, and the complexity of the project.