A bath and body business is a creative way to help people to pamper themselves. This type of business can start out small, and be expanded upon over time to incorporate more products and services.

It will take time and effort to build this type of business, but the end result will be rewarding. It will be necessary to hold conversations with your customers, to find out what they need and want from you.

Things You Will Need
  • Notebook

  • Pen

  • Bath and body recipes

  • Business name

  • Business licenses and permits

  • Book keeping system

  • Insurance policy

  • Pots, molds, etc.

  • Herbs

  • Soap bases, etc.

  • Stickers

  • Tags

  • Packaging needs

  • Shopping bags

  • Gift wrapping needs

  • Business cards

  • Business fliers

Create Your Business

Step 1.

Record in a notebook a few recipes for each product that you want to begin selling. Add any other information, such as packaging ideas and estimated costs. Start small and allow the business to grow naturally. Begin with a few soaps, lotions and shampoos as well as some bath bags.

Research recipes to add to the list of items over time. Stay ahead of the game by having all business expansion ideas recorded as they are thought of.

Step 2.

Obtain the business name, as well any necessary licenses and permits at city hall. Decide on a simple book keeping system, and consult with an accountant. Be sure to get insurance. Do a market analysis and create a business plan.

Step 3.

Choose a place to sell the products from. Use an extra room as a store area, or the front porch. Clean the area well and paint it. Decorate with a country or new age theme. Add shelving and a counter with a cash register.

Sell at farmers' markets if desired. Have a few tables and crates available for use at these.

Rent a shop and set it up for business. Choose a theme and stick with it. Consider a country or fine living theme.

Create a website using the same theme as the shop area, whether you will be shipping items to customers or not.

Step 4.

Obtain the materials necessary to begin making the products that you wish to sell. Keep pots, pans and other necessities stored separate from your every day cooking needs. Decide on what molds and other supplies will be necessary for running the business as well. Record everything into your notebook.

Step 5.

Obtain the ingredients that you will need in order to begin creating the products that you will sell. Decide whether or not you will grow your own herbs, and whether it would be worth it to have the goats necessary for making goats milk products. Be sure that everything you use is organic.

Step 6.

Design the handmade tags and stickers for your products, or create them on the computer using an art program. Come up with ideas for creative packaging, such as wrapping soaps in tissue paper and tying the paper closed with raffia.

Record ideas for bagging customer purchases. Use regular shopping bags. Sell reusable bags and give a few cent discount each time it is reused. Put the purchases into small to medium size gift bags.

Provide gift wrapping for holidays and other events. Look for good buys if you would like to offer this service for free, or charge a dollar or so for the service depending on the size of the gift.

Step 7.

Get the word out about your business. Create business cards and fliers using the theme of the business. Use word of mouth. Offer a discount to customers if they send five customers to your shop who make at least a $20.00 purchase each. Send coupons to regular customers.