Ending a conference call can be crucial in terms of how it impacts the relationship and future of those involved with the call. For example if a conference sales call ends poorly and there is no talk about the next steps in the sales process, misconceptions can be made that could inhibit the sale. It is best to plan an exit strategy for the call so that the call will end smoothly.

Step 1.

Plan for the call. With the right plan, those involved with the call can rest assured that all topics will be covered and every issue on the agenda has been addressed. Ending the call prematurely when not all the information has been communicated can be disastrous.

Step 2.

Plan an exit strategy for different scenarios. For a variety of reasons the call may end early and if it does end early then the other parties should know how to respond and what steps to take to ensure the call is not lost. This can be achieved by preparing some final notes and take away actionable steps.

Step 3.

Summarize the call. When all the items on the agenda have been discussed and all questions answered. Ask those on the phone if they have anything else to add, if they do not then summarize the bullet points of the call and make sure that everyone understands what was said. Go one by one and repeat any follow up steps with each member of the conference call so that everyone knows who is doing what and everyone is well aware of the plan going forward. Close by telling everyone how the follow up will be communicated. Respectfully address each person on the phone and say goodbyes then hang up. Send a follow up email to all the parties that summarizes the call.