Valentine's Day is one of those times of the year when florists see maximum sales.Hence, it's smart to boost advertising efforts in order to sell flowers for Valentine's Day. Roses are a popular flower for lovers, but you can also use other red, white and pink flowers to create beautiful bouquets for the day. In order to sell Valentine's Day flowers, however, you need to start your campaign ahead of time to ensure that you are the first florist that customers think of when they need to buy flowers.

Step 1.

Send marketing materials to your customers at the end of January. It's easier to sell flowers to people that have bought from you in the past, so target these customers. Get Elastic reports that only 10 percent of men wait until Valentine's Day to make a purchase--the majority buy their gifts ahead of time. Sending an email or mailing at the end of January reminds customers that the day is coming up.

Step 2.

Advertise in local papers. You can also place advertisements with a Valentine's theme in local newspapers, starting from the beginning of February. If possible, include a picture of a popular Valentine's day arrangement.

Step 3.

Give a discount to those who purchase in advance. You can improve sales by offering discounts. Advance purchases also help you to plan your purchases for the day to avoid overspending on your wholesale flowers.

Step 4.

Offer a variety of choices. Some people will want to send the traditional long-stemmed roses, but that doesn't have to be the only choice. For example, you could sell red tulips or pink carnations as well. This allows you to offer a broader range of price points, which can appeal to more people.

Step 5.

Make it easy for people to purchase from you. On Valentine's Day, create ready-made bouquets and sell them outside the shop. You can even have a store worker selling at the curbside or sidewalk, so that customers don't have to leave their car. The easier it is to purchase from you, the more likely you are to increase sales.


Collect customer email and mailing addresses so that you can market to them next year.