A calendar printing home business can provide additional income for a household. To start a calendar printing business from your home, you will need some skills, equipment, as well as creativity. Research your idea to determine the market for custom printed calendars. Brainstorm ways to market your business. Think about ways to sustain your business through the year, since a substantial amount of your business will be seasonal. Offering monthly calendars for special occasions would be an example of keeping your business going throughout the year.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Legal/tax documents

  • Computer

  • Design program

  • Laser printer

  • Toner, printer supplies

  • Card stock

  • Interactive e-commerce website

  • Advertising

Step 1.

Research your local market as well as the online market for your home based calendar printing business. Brainstorm ideas for calendar designs to offer. An example might be a calendar with custom pictures on each page. Research paper, equipment, and supplies that you will need.

Step 2.

Write a detailed business plan based on your research. The business plan should detail the first year of your business. Define the goals of your business in a mission statement. Write a description of your business. Describe your equipment, supplies, products, and marketing strategy. Provide financial projections for your business. Attach any documents at the end of the business plan that will be necessary to form your business.

Step 3.

Fill out and file a business and tax registration form as well as any other documents to establish your business as a legal entity at the local, state, and federal level. Check with your local authorities on the legality of running a business out of your home. A small printing business should not be an issue in most areas, but it is best to check prior to starting your business.

Step 4.

Purchase a computer and high quality laser printer as well as extra printer supplies such as ink or toner. Purchase card stock in a variety of colors for printing your calendars. Base your purchases on your research and budget projections.

Step 5.

Set up an interactive e-commerce website to allow online customers to place orders. Work with a web designer to design a secure website. Security is a large concern for online shoppers. Integrate social networking links into your site so that people can share your products with others in their social networks. Develop a forum to encourage interaction on your website. Write frequent blog posts about new designs, tips, and other information about your industry.

Step 6.

Advertise your business with local newspapers and classifieds listings. Post in online forums and classifieds listings to promote your e-commerce sales. Offer monthly specials on your calendar printing services to promote sales and increase awareness about your services.


Create designs for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Design a calendar page for the month with a custom design for the client.


Define the parameters of your project before you start to avoid confusion.