Many virtual and brick-and-mortar companies rely on Internet advertising for new and repeat business. Posting ads online takes time for companies that could use that extra time to fill demands for their products and services. You can get paid to post ads for companies online by developing skills for posting successful ads and by finding companies that could use your help.

Step 1.

Learn to post an effective online ad. Create ad headlines that grab the attention of a target audience. Write straight-forward ad copy that conveys critical points of the product or service you sell and include phone numbers and email addresses at which readers can easily contact you, so you can close sales. Read online ads that you believe are effective and study them to determine why they are effective; incorporate the same techniques in your own ads.

Step 2.

Research the types of companies that post ads online and determine which industry for which you will write and post ads first. Consider creating ads for child care, commercial and residential cleaning, real estate, physicians and virtual companies of all industries. Target one industry first to become a master at posting ads for that field, before you move on to the next industry.

Step 3.

Familiarize yourself with the websites that customers of your chosen industry use. Customers seeking child care services use specific child care websites; customers of physicians utilize other websites when seeking the services of doctors. Learn how to post ads on these sites by clicking on the links to post ads and look at the fees associated with posting those ads.

Step 4.

Talk with some businesses that post online and reach a deal. Look in your local phone directory for companies in your selected industry, call each of these companies and talk with them about how they post their ads. Find out how much time they spend posting these ads and which sites they use. Suggest new sites that you discovered in Step 3 that might be beneficial to them for their ads, tell them you could free up the time they spend posting ads by posting for them and tell them how much it would cost you to post these ads. Determine the price by considering the price of posting the ads, the length of time it would take you to post these ads, how much you expect to be paid to complete the project and what price might fit in your prospective client's budget. Understand that you may have to take a lower price for the first client, so you can reach a deal.

Step 5.

Post the ads. Ask the company what they expect the ad to say, use your creativity and the skills you gained in Step 1 to write the ads, submit the ads to the client prior to posting, achieve the client's approval and post the ads by visiting the websites on which you want to post, typing the text approved by the client in the ad submission form fields, clicking Submit and paying the fees for the ad submission.

Step 6.

Collect checks for your work. Visit the company for which you are posting ads and ask the owner, manager or accounts payable clerk to write you a check for the services you rendered or provide the company with your name and address so the company may write and mail you a check for the agreed-upon amount.

Step 7.

Increase your client base. Talk with more companies that need ads written and repeat Steps 4 through 6.