How to Make Money Doing Internet Research

by Terrance Karter ; Updated September 26, 2017
Doing research online is different from researching in books.

Online research is looking through websites and online databases to gather information for a particular group or company. Online research differs from book research in that it is done on the Internet instead of using printed materials. It can also be more time-consuming, as there are many different types of places to gather information online, such as blogs, chat rooms or boards, web pages, newsletters and archives of information. You can make money doing online research if you work for a company which will pay you a wage to find their information.

Do online research for a research company. There are several listed in Resources, below, but there are many more. These companies are third-party firms that do research for other organizations, so you will work on one project at a time for them. Check the company with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that they are legitimate before accepting an assignment.

Work for a company that is doing its own research, as an assistant or as the person primarily in charge of research. There are many companies that want to find information online. Companies that sell products want to know how similar products are being sold. Other companies want to have research about marketing that is done so they can plan their own marketing. Some companies want to research a specific event, item or person using information found online. These jobs can be difficult to find because they require looking at online job sites, such as those listed in Resources, but also looking at localized job sites, such as or a local paper's website.

Sell your services as a freelance researcher to a company that needs them. When you are a researcher, you will work for a company that needs some research done. You might work for several companies at once. Before you begin to offer your services, research what other freelance researchers are being paid and set your prices accordingly.

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