How to Use Samples to Write Policies & Procedures

by Tracy Robinson ; Updated September 26, 2017
Sample Procedure

Every company needs specifically written rules and regulations. These become policies and procedures and define the way that the business does business. Reviewing sample policies and procedures can offer new ideas that may be incorporated in to the internal and external standards of operation. Using samples as guidelines, you can create specific rules and regulations for your organization.

Write by Example

Make a list of the types of policies and procedures that you will need to create. Find similar sample policies and procedures to begin your study. Choose a variety of samples. One sample may provide insight that another might not. You can find a sample to begin your study at UC Santa Cruz. The Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) is a warehouse of information and samples.

Review the layout and design of the documents. Notice the size and type of font that is used. Observe the margin settings and the general appearance of the document. Is it easy to read? If not, how can you make it better? Decide how you want your policies and procedures to look.

Review the content of the document. Decide which of the key components you will need to discuss in your policies or procedures. Are there any areas that you have not considered before? Determine the related issues and the target audience of your document.

Make notes about the language and word usage of the document. Consider the headings and subheadings. Are they appropriate for your audience? If not, how can you make them better? Make a list of the key issues that you will need to discuss.

Review the flow of content. Determine the method of relaying information that you will be communicating. Will your procedure need to have equipment and materials listed in order for the reader to complete the task? How many steps will you need to describe?

Now you are ready to create your policies and procedures. Carefully construct your policies and procedures.


  • Don't forget to edit your documents when you are finished.


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