Colorado offers many resources for those who desire to start a daycare business. Starting a daycare can be a rewarding business for those who love children. This type of business requires patience, and the business owner must meet certain requirements and pay licensing fees to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

Step 1.

Register your business. The Colorado government requires that you register your business with the Colorado Secretary of State. Proof of your identification is required in the form of a picture ID when you register. To register your business, you must answer a questionnaire provided by this office. The questionnaire includes questions about your business, such as type of business ownership and owner name and address.

Step 2.

Pay applicable fees. You are also required to pay an application and license fee based on the number of children you expect to care for. If you will care for one to eight children, expect to pay a $25.00 application fee and a separate $25.00 license fee. If your daycare will care for nine to twenty-five children, expect to pay a $100.00 application fee and a separate $100.00 license fee. If more than twenty children will be cared for in your daycare, you will be required to pay both an application and separate license fee of $200.

Step 3.

Pass a background check. You are required to submit a Colorado Bureau of Investigation criminal history report before your application is approved. This report must be obtained from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and can be ordered via the agency’s website. This report must be submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State to show that you are clear of any felony warrants or convictions. If you request the report online, expect to pay a fee of $6.85. If you request the report by mail, you will be charged a $13.00 fee and will receive the form within three business days.

Step 4.

Be a resident of Colorado. In order to be approved for a daycare license, the owner must have been a resident of Colorado for two years. The criminal history report will support this information because it shows a residential history. If you haven’t been a resident of Colorado for two years, you may submit an FBI criminal history that shows your history nationwide. If your history is clear of federal convictions, you may be granted a license.

Step 5.

Submit immunizations. All employees of the daycare facility must submit proof of immunizations to the Colorado Department of Human Services. This provides evidence that all workers have met the standard Colorado immunization requirements.

Step 6.

Obtain an inspection. You must have the facility where you will provide care inspected by the fire department. The state fire marshal will inspect the facility and determine if it is free of fire hazards. You will receive a certificate to post in the facility verifying that it passed the inspection.


If you transport children as part of your daycare service, you are required to submit proof of insurance on your vehicle. Providers are required to be CPR certified prior to caring for children.