Starting a candle store can be a fun and profitable way to enter the world of business ownership. Candles are popular with all different types of people. They are used for relaxation, meditation or to just add fragrance to a room. If you follow some important steps, you could be running a successful candle store before you know it.

Step 1.

Write a business plan or hire a company with business plan writing experience to do it for you. It will create a map for you to follow to stay on track and reach your goals. A business plan is also helpful if you will need financing.

Step 2.

Decide if you want to open a franchise or an independent candle store. A franchise will usually provide you with more support in terms of marketing and start up, but they can be restrictive when it comes to running your business in your own way.

Step 3.

Decide if you will make the candles yourself or find a supplier to provide them to you. Making them yourself may become impossible to keep up with demand if you are able to generate a good deal of traffic in your store. Or you can have a combination, with a section of the store reserved for your own creations.

Step 4.

Choose a location for your candle store. Try for a location that i visible from a main road and easy for your customers to reach, even though it is a destination store, meaning people will go there specifically to buy candles and candle accessories. Visit city hall for a business license and any permits you will require to operate.

Step 5.

Find a supplier for candles, accessories and candle making supplies if you will be making some of them yourself. Contact other candle stores that don't compete with you and ask which wholesalers they have had success with in the past.

Step 6.

Hire employees. In the beginning, you should only need one or two others besides yourself. Find people who have some retail experience and are passionate about candles.

Step 7.

Market your candle store. Try to have your exterior sign up before you open to let everyone know it's coming. Create fliers with special offers and distribute them to homes and businesses in your area. Create a website to show the different types of candles you carry. Consider having a grand opening event and inviting local dignitaries and media.