How to Set Up ACH Payments

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ACH (Automatic Clearing House) allows you to send your obligated payments to various companies and organizations with ease. By setting up ACH payments, money is automatically debited from your bank or credit card account each month. This saves you the trouble of having to spend time calling in to pay your bill. The companies that accept ACH payments are too many to name. However, the protocol that the companies use to setup ACH payments is fairly standard across the board.


Visit the website of the company you would like to submit ACH payments to.

Locate the “Account” or “My Account” link. The exact location and wording for the account link will vary by company. Click on the link to open the accounts page.

Click the “Log In” or “Sign In” option to log into your online account. You will have to enter your account username/number and password/pin in order to log in. If you have never used the online account feature, you may have to click on “Register” or “Sign Up” before you are able to log in.

Locate the “Bill” or “Payments” link. The exact wording will vary.

Look for the option to setup “Automatic” or “Recurring” payments. When you have found the option click on it.

Enter your credit card or bank account information to setup the ACH payments. Depending upon the company or organization, you may also be able to enter the date you want the ACH payment to debited from your account each month.

Via Telephone

Contact the company you would like to submit payments to. Generally, the company's number will be listed on your bill statement/invoice. If no number is on the statement/invoice visit the company's website and click on the “Contact Us” link to get the number.

Select the “Billing” option when you hear the telephone prompts.

Advise the billing representative that you would like to setup ACH payments for your monthly recurring charges.

Provide the billing representative with your checking or credit card account information so she can setup the ACH payments for you. You can advise the billing representative of the date you want the ACH payments debited from your account each month. The representative will let you know whether or not your requested debit dates are acceptable.

Ask the billing representative for a reference number in case you need to reference the call in the future.


  • If you decide to cancel your account services be sure to contact the company directly and advise them to stop your ACH payments. Otherwise, you may continue to receive debits to your account each month.