Corporations sometimes change their names to reflect a change in their business or to implement a new marketing strategy. Changing a corporate name in Nevada or any other state requires amending the corporation’s article of incorporation. For Nevada corporations that want to change their name, the Nevada Secretary of State offers user-friendly amendment forms packets on its website and a variety of expedited filing options, including one-hour expedited filing.

Step 1.

Conduct a board of directors meeting to approve the new corporate name.

Step 2.

Call a special meeting of the shareholders to approve the name change or submit the new name to a vote at the next annual shareholders meeting. Changing the corporate name requires approval by a majority of the voting power of the shareholders unless the bylaws require a larger portion of the shareholders to approve the change.

Step 3.

Prepare a certificate of amendment to the corporation’s certificate of incorporation that recites the new name. Use the form of certificate of amendment to certificate of incorporation published on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website.

Step 4.

Calculate the filing fees. The amendment forms packet includes instructions for determining the fees, which vary depending on the par value of the shares authorized for issuance by the articles of incorporation and any expedited filing service requested.

Step 5.

Fill out the Customer Order Instructions form included in the amendment forms packet.

Step 6.

Deliver filing fees, Customer Order Instructions and the certificate of amendment, signed by a corporate officer, to the Nevada Secretary of State for filing.