If you have to leave your work desk and are expecting an important call, it is convenient to forward calls from your work extension to a cell phone. Forwarding calls to your cell phone allows all calls that come in to your work extension to be automatically routed to your cell phone for you to promptly answer. With this phone feature activated, you will not miss any calls.

Pick up the receiver on your work phone and wait to hear a dial tone.

Dial *72 on your work extension phone keypad. You may hear a series of four beeps that indicates the system is ready for you to enter the phone number to which your calls will be forwarded.

Enter your cell phone number including the area code on the keypad of your work extension phone.

Hang up the receiver on your work phone.

Test the call forwarding by dialing your work extension phone from another phone. Your cell phone should ring. If it does not ring , repeat Steps 1 through 4.