How to Buy Wholesale Solar Panels

by Qyou Stoval ; Updated September 26, 2017
Solar panels can save homeowners hundreds in their electricity bills.

The controversy over greenhouse gases and a desire to reduce electric bills have caused more people to turn to alternative forms of energy. Solar power, though it has been around for decades, has become one of the least expensive ways of powering appliances and devices in your home, outside of using electricity provided by the electric company. Buying wholesale solar panels will assist you in selling to this growing market as well as ensuring your own home is more energy-efficient.

Obtain an employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. To obtain wholesale panels from legitimate wholesale suppliers, they must know you are a business structured as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company or corporation. An EIN, which a business can obtain at no charge, is used to build business credit, hire employees, open business bank accounts and verify that a business is registered with the IRS. Receive your EIN by contacting an IRS agent over the phone or visiting the IRS website,

Determine if there are any licenses required to sell solar panels in your state. Usually licenses may be required to install solar panels because many governments are offering tax credits to consumers who use alternative forms of energy. Some states may require those who sell solar panels to be licensed as well to ensure energy-efficient solar panels are being offered to their customers. Check with your state attorney general's office or secretary of state to determine if there are any such requirements for purchasing solar panels wholesale.

Determine your budget for purchasing wholesale solar panels. There are solar panel providers online that state they are selling solar panels at wholesale prices but they are actually retail prices. Legitimate wholesale solar panels providers require you to purchase multiple solar panels. Determine how much money you have to purchase wholesale panels. Knowing how much you have to work with will give you leverage when negotiating deals with the wholesale supply company.

Locate wholesale solar panel suppliers in your area and abroad. Consider import export sites like and to purchase solar panels overseas. When purchasing wholesale panels overseas, request a sample first to get an idea of how well your supplier quickly ships the items, and to determine the quality of the solar panels to see if you want to continue business with the supplier. When selecting a wholesale supplier, ensure the company has solar panels of different sizes, volts and watts. An individual's home may have different electrical requirements, and homes in your area may only need certain size panels.

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