Start a music manager business to help guide an artist through a professional music career. A music manager is responsible for advising their clients concerning business matters. They work closely with an artist to cultivate a successful career. Earning a degree in music management can lead to an internship with an established music manager. But a degree is not required. Accepting at an entry level position with a successful music manager presents an opportunity to educate yourself about the business.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Business license

  • Business cards

  • Website

  • Press kit

Step 1.

Research all aspects of an artist's professional career. A music manager will oversee public relations, publicity, label relations, agent relations and touring. Learn the industry inside and out.

Step 2.

Prepare a business plan. Create your company name and determine your financial needs. Detail the steps you are planning to take to make your business a success. Consult an attorney for legal questions. Contact the State Bar Association for a referral.

Step 3.

Incorporate your business. Apply for a business license. Check with your state business license office concerning fees and forms.

Step 4.

Promote your business. Design business cards, create a website and use social networking websites to market your company.

Step 5.

Find artists to manage. Go to local clubs, festivals or hold auditions. Put an ad in the newspaper and online. Provide your email address and business address so artists can send you demos and videos of their work.

Step 6.

Sign the artist to a contract. Consult an attorney when dealing with legal documents.

Step 7.

Prepare a press kit with the artist. A press kit serves as an artist's resume. It is a folder with the artist's name or logo on the cover. It should contain a biography of the artist, photos, press clippings and music samples.

Step 8.

Make contacts. Network with other professionals such as venue promoters, club owners, entertainment attorneys and music producers.


Starting a music manager business can be a slow process, so be patient. Word hard to establish good connections.