How to Obtain a Car Dealer's License in Louisiana

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If you are at least 21 and have a reasonable amount of funds available, you can obtain a car dealer's license in Louisiana. This license allows you to sell more than four cars a year to people and businesses.

Rent or purchase the location of your dealership. Be mindful of the local zoning laws. Before a car dealer license is issued in Louisiana, you must have an established building with enough space to store the cars properly.

Obtain a business telephone line located physically at the address listed on the license application. Additionally, this line must be registered to the business name and not your birth name.

Place a permanent sign at your business location. This sign must contain the name of the business listed on your license application.

Secure a $20,000 bond from a surety company allowed to do business in Louisiana. Only a notarized original that hasn't been tampered with will be accepted.

Submit a copy of your garage liability insurance coverage to the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission for all vehicles you have offered for sale.

Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission 3132 Valley Creek Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70808 (225) 925-3870

Turn in your notarized applications in person to the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission. Be prepared to pay your fees upon submission of your applications.

Allow a physical inspection of your dealer location by the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission. All places of business will be inspected before a license is issued.


  • You must have at least one licensed salesperson.