How to Place a Classified Ad on eBay

by Chris Lewis - Updated September 26, 2017

One of the most popular ways to sell items on the Internet is through the eBay auction site, but auctions are not the only selling method they offer. A less well-known service is that of classified advertisements. This works the same way as any other classified ad--you list the item for sale at the price you want for it, and potential buyers contact you directly. As this is a lead generation service and the purchase is not made through eBay, classified ads do not qualify for feedback or for the handling of problems through eBay's resolution center.

Sign in to eBay ( if you already have an account or to register for a free account. You will need a current credit card to open an account; it is held on file to pay any fees that are associated with your listings and sales.

Click on Sell at the top right-hand corner of the screen, select Sell an Item, and then click on Start Selling. Choose the category that is most relevant, bearing in mind that classified ads are not available for all categories. A list of categories that do support this selling method is available in the help section ( If you need assistance in finding the most appropriate category, type at least three keywords into the search box to see a list of suitable categories. With the category selected, click on Continue.

Create your listing in the same way as any other eBay sale: with a strong headline, attractive photographs and a good description of the item for sale. When the listing is complete, scroll down the page to the section "Choose how you'd like to sell your item" and select the tab for Classified Ad.

Fill in the price and the duration of the advertisement. There are only two choices: 30 days or "Good 'Til Cancelled" (both $9.95 in March 2010)--the latter relists the ad automatically every 30 days. The fees for the Real Estate and Motors categories are different but are shown on those category listing pages.

Choose the way in which you want buyers to contact you: email is the default, but you can add telephone numbers and define contact times. You can also list locations that you do not want to ship to, as well as payment methods you will accept. Finally enter any additional checkout instructions before clicking Continue.

Review your listing, and add any paid enhancements you want, such as a subtitle or emphasized display. You then have the option of looking at a preview of your listing before clicking on "List your item" to have the classified ad go live on the eBay site.

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