There is nothing more tantalizing for a hungry customer than seeing a food display case of mouth-watering dishes your bakery shop or restaurant has to offer. Having a food display case improves not only your reputation as a hygienic business, but enhances the customer’s desire to taste those delicious dishes. Buying one can set you back financially, but making one can save you money if you're on a budget.

Things You Will Need
  • Plexiglas

  • Band saw (or circular saw)

  • Sandpaper

  • Methylene chloride

  • Piece of wood (same width as the Plexiglas)

Decide how big your display case is going to be. This depends on the quantity of food you desire to put into it.

Cut the Plexiglas sheets to the correct sizes using your band saw (you also can use a circular saw); you will need four sides and a top.

Sand the edges as flat as possible.

Put them together in a box-shaped form.

Use methylene chloride to seal the five-sided box.

Place an appropriate-size piece of wood for your base.

Place the display dishes inside the food display case.


You can buy the Plexiglas in Home Depot or other hardware store. Some stores may cut the Plexiglas for you.


Be careful when handling the band saw to avoid possible risks such as cuts.