There are several ways to finance building a website, including winning grant funds. Sources that fund information technology grants, business development grants and teen outreach programs are a good place to look to find grants to build a website -- even if the grant you're applying for does not explicitly state it funds websites. Website grants available depend on location, type of organization or business it is for and how you plan to use the website.

Step 1.

Develop a fact-supported need statement. Aside from just telling the funding organization that the website you plan to build will help your mission as well as theirs, provide data from a reliable source to support the need for the project.

Step 2.

Create a logical budget that shows the expenses of building the website for the project. Avoid just jotting down what the website will cost; give the grant reviewers detailed budget information -- from purchasing a domain to constructing the site.

Step 3.

Avoid fluffing a grant budget to get extras. To win a website grant, you must be able to account for all budget expenses in the need statement.

Step 4.

Show sustainability. A long-term plan to pay for upkeep and ongoing expenses of a website is crucial. Grant funding sources that give grants to build websites receive many more grant proposals then they can fund. They choose the grant applicants that show the largest and most compelling need and must weed out applicants who cannot operate long-term.


To win a website grant, the grant proposal must show a strong need for the project as well as a good plan to keep the project going after grant funds run out.


Website grants usually do not include upkeep costs past the first year of the program.