A capability statement is a corporate resume that describes your company’s strengths and ability to deliver a quality service to customers. To develop the statement, analyze your company’s ability to meet the criteria customers use to select a supplier, such as quality, reliability, value, technical performance or production capacity. Incorporate the information on your website, in a publication such as a corporate brochure, or in sales proposals.

Identify Customers’ Criteria

To develop a capability statement, understand what will make prospects become customers or encourage existing customers to buy more from you. In some cases, customers such as government agencies may specify the criteria they use to evaluate potential suppliers. For example, you may have to meet specific quality standards or hold certain industry accreditations. Customers looking for long-term supply partners may evaluate companies on the quality of their management team or their financial stability. List the criteria that customers use and gather information on your company’s strengths and weaknesses in each area.

Assess Competitive Strengths

Identify factors that differentiate your company from competitors. You may hold patents important to customers, for example, or have technically superior products. Capabilities like those add value for customers. Review competitors’ websites and publications to assess their strengths, and read social media sites and comparison websites to find customers’ views on competitors’ performance. Draw up a list of your competitive strengths and highlight them when you write your capability statement.

Provide a Snapshot

A capability statement must help customers and prospects quickly understand your business. Include basic information such as your location, the size of your business including turnover and workforce, the number of years you have been trading and your main product range. If necessary, include information on your production capacity, quality standards and accreditations, and the skills of your workforce.

Highlight Your Achievements

Include information on your company’s achievements. You may have won industry awards, for example, or developed innovative products that are leaders in their market sector. List major customers to demonstrate your experience and status in the marketplace.

Demonstrate Long-Term Capability

Customers want to know that suppliers are reliable. A company that cannot meet its delivery requirements may put its customers' businesses at risk, particularly if it supplies essential components or materials. Include information on your company’s financial performance and profitability. Describe your research and development program to show that you are committed to the future. Outline any planned investment programs that will further improve your company’s capability and capacity to handle growth.

Publish the Statement

A capability statement is a valuable marketing tool to support your product communications. Publish it on your website in a section such as ‘About us.’ Include the information in product literature and company brochures. Provide the sales team with a copy to use in proposals or presentations to customers.