Starting a virtual staffing agency requires some preparation. A virtual staffing agency can consist of one person or many people. Virtual agency persons are independent contractors and are responsible for their own taxes and expenses. One role a virtual agency may play is administrative assistance to clients that can be anywhere in the world. The clients never or rarely see their assistants; hence, the term virtual.

Things You Will Need
  • Registered DBA (doing business as) name

  • Persons with skill sets such as typing

  • Internet website

  • Marketing tools and materials

  • Home office with computer, printer, fax machine, and copier

  • Tax accountant

Register your business name as you will need this for federal and state taxes. This can be done over the Internet or at the local courthouse. There are various types of registration so research the one that best describes your business goals. Asking the advice of an attorney or tax adviser may be useful and can be a protection against issues in the future.

Analyze your strongest skills and write them in the form of a resume (summary of skills, experience and education). This format will be somewhat different from a regular resume as working in a virtual setting requires skills such as self-discipline, organization, flexibility, multi-tasking knowledge, etc.. Look for other potential persons who wish to do virtual work and also have a strong set of skills and experience. You will be selling your people, their skills and experience to someone you most likely will never see.

Develop a website with information about your virtual staffing agency. Unless you are a designer and technologically oriented, you may need to hire a professional developer. They will assist you with the proper design of the site and help to bring in potential clients. A professional looking website can lend credibility to your business as you are selling clients that may not meet you but need to trust in your abilities.

Create some marketing materials that contain facts about virtual staffing agencies such as advantages and anticipated growth of the virtual business. Some biographic information about you and your people along with a list of your primary skills and experience should be included. If you have any certifications, list them along with any awards you and others have received.

Take an inventory of your home office equipment and have your people do the same. You will need a computer that has the latest Microsoft Office programs and a DSL high-speed Internet connection. A printer, fax and copier are necessary and perhaps a video camera for teleconferencing (ability to see others via a computer camera). A quiet place to work without distractions is essential.

Select other virtual people for your agency carefully as they will be representing your company. Administer typing and other tests to validate their skill set. Check references and conduct background checks to ensure credibility. You may also have them sign a formal contract.


Research the market for other virtual agencies. Look for social and other associations having to do with virtual working. Set aside time each day to market your business. Hire a tax accountant to assist with your tax returns.


Do not quit another job unless you have the financial means to last for a few months. Do not wait for clients to come to you; be proactive.