How to Start a Wooden Sign Business

by Sharyl Stockstill ; Updated September 26, 2017

Wooden signs provide a distinctive edge by adding a durable and luxurious feel to a business. Cash in on this lucrative trade by starting your own wooden sign business. You must like working with wood and have enough knowledge of the different types of wood to select the proper substrate for your sign. In most cases, outdoor signs will require special protective coatings, while less-common indoor signs will not.

Step 1

Start by making a wooden sign for your own business, as this one sample can attract a lot of attention and a lot of potential customers. Create something that really stands out. Customers who come from other sources can look at your sign as a sample of the possibilities available to them.

Step 2

Advertise your business. Whether you start a website, attend craft and trade shows, use well-placed advertisements or incorporate a combination of these methods, get the word out about your wooden sign business. Contact any new housing developments, for example, which could lead to custom signs for not only the entrance to an exclusive development but also to customized letters and way-finding signage.

Step 3

Handle all orders promptly, but never take on more than you can handle. A wooden sign business will succeed by having repeat clients. If you establish yourself as a reliable craftsperson and your customers know you will meet their needs, they will refer you to others in their trade.


  • Take pictures of your finished wooden signs and use them for ideas and for showcasing some of your products.

    Branch out by offering installation of your signs. Some states will require a special construction license, but this provides great way to get additional revenue.

    Strive for clarity on all custom orders: Prepare written prices and instructions for both your customer's and your protection.


  • Check local zoning and tax laws before you start any business.