The water business can help you create an income. However, you will have to be dedicated and committed to grow the business. There are hundreds of customers and businesses in your area that could benefit from you providing this service. Basically, you will provide these services to customers from your home, a retail location or a refilling station. The customer will bring empty bottles to your store and fill them with purified water on-site in some cases. Its easy to start this kind of business.

Things You Will Need
  • Cash

  • Business plan

  • Bottled water

  • Transportation

Step 1.

Make sure you have the capital to start your water business. Visit the Small Business Administration website at Answer all the questions under the Small Business Readiness Tools section. Study this exercise to help you develop better business skills to run your water business.

Step 2.

Look in your area for a water business and volunteer to work for free until you learn the business. Interview the owner by phone or in person and ask how he or she started the water business. Log on to and learn how this type of business operates.

Step 3.

Start out by deciding what type of services your water business will provide to customers. Call (203) 531-4100 and inquire about bottled water opportunities in your area; the customer service representative will give you further instructions. Sell bottled water to everyone, i.e. convenience stores, schools, health care facilities, restaurants, colleges and universities, etc.

Step 4.

Develop a business plan that should explain how you will operate the business. Design a marketing plan to attract customers. Set up a financial plan to show you how to monitor your cash flow.

Step 5.

Head to your local city or county office and apply for a license or permit to start a water business. Apply for your state tax ID number at Find your state and apply online. Call (800) 829-4933 and apply for your federal tax ID number. You need tax ID numbers to pay taxes.

Step 6.

Negotiate a low price for the bottled water you will be buying to maximize your profits. Try to get the products on consignment if you can. Start your water business from home first to keep expenses low. Stock your bottled water in as many vending machines as possible. Work out deals with businesses in your area to increase sales. Expand your business to operate from a retail location. Applying these steps will help you start your water business.


The more sales calls you make, the better your chances are for success.

Copy your competitors.

Make sure you pay taxes.


Get the lowest price possible for bottled water.

Make sure you follow local and state laws.

Research companies that you do business with.