Company policies are important to management, staff and even part-time workers. All aspects of your organization affect the way employees feel about their job and position in the company. A change of policy is not only a decision that may financially affect procedures; it also can alter the atmosphere of the workplace itself. Making sure guidelines are clear and presented in a professional yet friendly matter are important to the success of any change in the workplace. Employees will be particularly interested in a new travel policy, so communicate the change properly.

Things You Will Need
  • Internet

  • Word

  • Printer

Determine who needs to know the travel policy change. Which employees does this directly affect, and how does it affect the responsibilities of others? Before announcing the change, make sure you understand the target audience.

Compose an email clearly stating which employees are affected and how the policy change affects daily business. Certain staff members may have more duties because of the new policies, so explain this in the email. Meanwhile, describe new procedures to handle traveling requirements to employees who would need to produce different documents than usual for their trips. Be sure to place your contact information or the contact information of the appropriate authorities for further questions.

Create memos to distribute to the staff regarding new procedures. Whether the office or organization you work in communicates electronically or not, a memo will be sure to elicit a thorough review by employees. People addressing the announcement by this process will ensure they have appropriate access to new material.

Discuss the policy in a meeting or in one-on-one interactions around the office. Make sure people are comfortable with the new policy by educating them and answering questions.