Many companies today are embracing a more casual atmosphere. While business suits dominated the corporate setting in previous generations, today even jeans can be deemed office appropriate. To create a more comfortable and laid back environment for their employees, many businesses are embracing the "casual Friday," or "jeans Friday" movement where employees can forgo the usual business slacks and skirts and are allowed to wear jeans to work. A company memo should accompany this change in standards, however, to explain the perimeters for this new policy. This will prevent abuse of the policy and will ensure employees remain looking professional even on more casual business days.

Greeting and Explanation

Greet the employees in the introduction of the jeans day memo and relay the purpose of the letter; the introduction of jeans day. Explain whether this is a one-day break from the typical office dress code or will be a recurring event, such as a casual Friday policy. If this is to reward good behavior or show employee appreciation, mention that as well. If the aim is to create a more open and relaxed atmosphere, explain this too. Understanding the purpose of the jeans day can cause employees to feel more appreciated and look more favorably on the company and management, resulting in better employer-employee relations.


Use the memo to address who the jeans day impacts, such as specific departments or shifts, or the company as a whole. If the jeans day is earned by workplace merit or is being used as a fundraising tactic, such as by purchasing a jean day with a $5 donation to a local food bank, relay this as well. Outline any exceptions, such as days when clients are visiting or if there are business meetings, where traditional business attire will be necessary.

Types of Jeans

Although you are allowing employees to wear jeans to be more casual and comfortable, you will still want them to appear professional. Outlining what jeans are permitted and what should be avoided will prevent any guesswork by employees and will make universally clear your attire expectations. Explain in the memo that jeans that are ripped and torn, whether by wear and tear or by design, are prohibited. Jeans that are too low cut should also be avoided. Emphasize that the jeans worn should still be workplace appropriate and professional.

Subject to Change

Make sure employees know that the jeans day is not a guarantee or a right and is subject to change as necessary. This can help prevent further issues and complications. Explain in the memo that abuse of the jeans day policies can lead to the cancellation of the new rules. Also relay that changes to the nature of the business and the needs of the company could also amend or cancel the new policy.