How to Market Your Etsy Shop

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Etsy ( is an online store and community for people to buy and sell all things handmade, but getting your work noticed takes time. It may also require utilization of assorted marketing techniques depending on how specialized your work is. Use assorted social networks, word of mouth and a few other tricks to get your Etsy shop noticed and your work flying off the virtual shelf.

Utilize social networking sites. Create a Facebook page ( and Twitter account ( for your Etsy shop, and sign up for other sites where you can post your latest work, such as Stumble Upon (, Digg ( and Reddit ( Let friends and family know about your accounts so they can "like" and "follow" you and promote your work through their own social networking accounts.

Get involved with the Etsy community. Make "friends" through their forums and chat rooms. Showcase your newest piece, and ask questions and offer advice to fellow members.

Advertise. Research advertising opportunities within Etsy, as the site features showcases for different categories of goods as well as a main showcase. These showcases link to specific Etsy shops. Look into advertising on like-minded blogs, which can often have inexpensive advertising rates, as well as Etsy Love (, which features a variety of products from Etsy artists and crafters.

List one or two items at a time rather than listing a whole bunch of items at once. Etsy showcases items in chronological order, so the newest items will appear first. Once you have listed all the items you want for a period of time, relist items every day to get top priority.

Use an eye-catching image and slogan to entice potential buyers. The wording should be large and clear so it's easy to read.

Get new business cards made with your Etsy site information, and consider getting postcards made featuring one or more of your items to place in local craft stores, stores that sell handmade items, antique stores, bookstores, farmers' markets and coffee shops.

Purchase table space at local craft fairs and flea markets to sell some of your Etsy goods. Give people your business card or postcard to direct them to your Etsy page for additional shopping or to recommend the site to friends who do not live in the area.


  • Consider starting a blog as another method of promoting your work and to provide another link to your Etsy shop, or writing guest posts on other blogs about handmade items.