If you are blessed with strong communications skills and you have a desire to work from home, you should consider starting your own virtual call center. A virtual call center is very suitable for individuals who enjoy providing customer service on behalf of their clients. It is equally profitable for marketers who can use their communications skills to sell products and services over the phone. Establishing your own virtual call center has its own benefits. You are your own boss and you get to create your own work schedule.

Things You Will Need
  • Call center software program

  • Dedicated phone line

  • Hands-free headset with mic

  • High quality internet connection

Step 1.

Find a call center software application. This application lets you manage your inbound/outbound calls, maintain call history and foster better customer relations by keeping track of detailed information that is to be passed to your client’s company.

Step 2.

Contact your telephone and internet service provider for a dedicated phone line and a high quality internet connection. This will reduce the chances of bad connections or dropped calls. Strong internet connection will help you research information quickly while communicating to customers. Use a landline as wireless phone is not as reliable. If you’re looking to hire more staff, you will need to get quality equipment for them as well.

Step 3.

Get a professional telephone set. It need not be too expensive, but quality is key to a successful call center. When communicating with potential clients, you will be evaluated for everything starting from your ability to communicate effectively to the quality of your phone call. A low quality phone call with plenty of background noise gives poor impression of the company you’re representing, and customers would be reluctant to discuss any prospects with you.

Step 4.

Get a hands-free headset for your telephone. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time on the phone, hands-free headset will help you execute multiple tasks such as making notes as you communicate with customers or researching answers to their queries in the nick of time.

Step 5.

Market your services. Advertise your services on websites that target clients you want to reach. Write articles promoting your customer service capabilities and submit them to different article directories. You can also send professional business cards to potential clients in your local area.


You will be representing your client’s company. You should always give a courteous response to their customers.

Make sure the equipment is functioning properly by making test call.

Rehearse thoroughly before making any live calls to potential customers.