A corporation has an identity in the business community that needs a mark. A corporate seal makes an act done by the corporation official. A document that has a corporate seal is authentic and ratified. Use a corporate seal for official business.

Things You Will Need
  • Corporate seal

  • Rubber stamp

  • Foil labels

Step 1.

Read the state's laws on corporate seal requirements. Some states require a corporation to have a corporate seal, others do not. In the state's commercial laws, you can find the purposes for which you need a seal. The legal rules also might say when you may use a seal.

Step 2.

Use the seal as the corporation's mark, like an individual's signature, so everyone knows the corporation is acting. The mark tells a person who reads a document that the corporation has deemed the document valid. The corporate name supports the document.

Step 3.

Imprint, emboss, stamp, or affix the seal on official documents to authenticate them. Place the document in between the male and female halves of the seal and squeeze the seal to raise or recess an impression in the right place. For a rubber stamp, press the stamp on the ink pad and firmly stamp the document. Attach a foil label with wax or a mild adhesive.

For regular and frequent business, a facsimile or photocopy can serve in place of the seal. Send a copy in the mail or over the communication lines.

Step 4.

Affix the seal on official documents for important corporate business. Use the seal consistently to give authenticity to legal documents. A seal on a certificate shows the corporation's approval on a stock transaction or a membership act. On corporate resolutions, the seal conveys authority to readers.

With other businesses, deal officially in deeds by using the seal. Correspond by sending information in an envelope and place a seal on the envelope.

Step 5.

Seal documents required by a bank, savings and loan, thrift, or other financial institution. A bank official needs the confidence assured by a seal on a loan document.

Step 6.

Seal legal documents a government requires for official acts and transactions. A government official may ask for the seal to approve an application.

Step 7.

Use the seal when a business dealing with the corporation requires a seal on an official document. The business might need your confirmation.


Keep the seal in good condition. Every impression shows the seal's quality.