An operations committee provides review, guidance and oversight for the overall operations of a corporation or business. As members of management, committee members develop insight into the business operations in order to suggest strategic business directions and business policy implementation. Operations committees usually meet quarterly to discuss company issues at hand and provide proper feedback or suggestions to senior and executive management.


The operations committee reviews company policies and procedures to see where there is need for improvement. The committee evaluates performance problems and provides recommendations as needed. Other topics for recommendations include safety procedures related to operations. Annually, committee members examine proposed business policies and procedures and make suggestions for the coming business year.


Persons on this committee advise on financial affairs related to company goals and overall financial outlook. Other areas of advice include providing recommendations on equipment, technology, safety and other resources as they relate to operational functions. They may also give advice and counsel to management.


The operations committee has oversight in providing direction for individual task groups and teams. This duty includes performing evaluation procedures for those in managerial positions. Members facilitate operation meetings to discuss proposals, new strategies and procedures as they apply to company-wide operations, policy and procedures.

Meeting Focus

This senior management team prepares upcoming meeting agendas for future committee meetings. Research materials and reports analyses are compiled and submitted to committee members for valuable input. Order and delivery forms for resources and other physical materials used in operations are prepared and submitted through the operations committee.

Election Process

Committee persons are responsible for electing and voting in alternate and regular members. Alternate committee members assigned by the operations committee, replace members who resign and act in the absence of elected committee members.