How to Create a New Project Plan for a Two-Day Training Using Microsoft Project

Training classes typically require an average of 34 hours of development per instructional hour, so for a two-day class, plan on 68 task hours. Creating a project plan for a two-day training class development project involves creating a task list, building the work breakdown structure, entering task duration estimates, linking the tasks and assigning resources.

Open a new Microsoft Office Project file. From the Project menu, select the Project Information item and enter the start date for your project.

List your tasks. For a two-day training class, your tasks should include defining the target audience, designing the instruction for each day, developing the materials, preparing to teach the course, managing any associated activities and establishing how you will measure students.

Expand your task list into a work-breakdown structure by adding subtasks below your main tasks and indenting them. Comprehensive details you supply about the tasks necessary to develop your specific training class (such as drafting objectives, designing visuals and writing test questions) help you complete the project on time. Collapse or expand tasks to show or hide these development details.

Enter the time estimate for each task by entering the duration. For example, conduct an audience analysis to define your target participants. This activity typically takes eight hours.

Set up any dependencies between tasks. For example, you must develop your presentations before you can edit and proofread them. Each task should have a predecessor (a task that begins or is completed before it) and a successor (a task that cannot start or finish until the current task is completed.)

Enter a resource name for each task. You can use your plan to assign specific resources or forecast staffing needs. You can also update your plan as details emerge. Adjust the duration value depending on the skill level of the person available for the assignment. For example, if your training class covers how to use a software application, the developer must be familiar with the application or spend additional time working with a subject-matter expert who does understand the objectives well enough to describe what needs to be taught.

Save your file and update it throughout the development project life cycle.