How to Start a Botanical Garden in Your Town

by Contributing Writer ; Updated September 26, 2017

To start a botanical garden in a local community, it is important to first find others who will also want to contribute and be part of the project. Find individuals who may be able to help and support the garden and organize a discussion of why a botanical garden may be desirable in the community and what kind would be the best to have. Decide between a garden with vegetables, flowers, trees or a combination. Also decide if the garden will be organic especially if vegetables and fruits will be grown in it.

Raising Funds and Gathering Support : Raise funds by finding sponsors and grants. Talk to local businesses and organizations in the area that may help with supplies and information on gardening. Establish a good relationship with the local hardware store, florist, and nursery and see if they are willing to lend a hand on the project. Also contact a city council member to see if they have programs for city gardeners in place that the botanical garden organization may take advantage of.

Preparing the Lot: Find a site with available water and good soil. It is, of course, very important to obtain permission from the owner and other concerned authorities. The lease agreement should last for at least a couple of years to make the most of the hard work of the botanical garden members. Also make sure that past use of the land has not made it contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Prepare a design for the garden that fits the lot as well as the needs and objectives of the gardeners. Plan the size of the plots and how they should be laid out. Organize work crews for clearing the lot and setting up the garden. Make sure that plots are clearly marked and divided as to which gardener is going to be in charge with them.

Running the Botanical Garden: Prepare rules in sharing and bringing tools for the garden. Discuss how these rules and others that may come up should be upheld and enforced. The minimum maintenance for the garden also needs to be discussed as weeds can be an issue in common areas. It would also be a good to have a rainproof bulletin board for announcements concerning the garden and organization members.

It is recommended to discuss the necessity of insurance for the garden especially in an area prone to vandalizing. Many insurance carriers now have garden insurance but it helps to know the organization’s needs before discussing with an agent.

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