How to Sell Cosmetics Wholesale

by braniac ; Updated September 26, 2017
MAC cosmetics and others can make you money sold wholesale

Getting into wholesale cosmetic sales can be more challenging then many people think, but the internet is making many people wholesalers or actually middlemen. To sell cosmetics wholesale, there are a few steps that will get this business set up.

Find a large volume vendor. To sell wholesale cosmetics, you will need a large volume vendor. You can google for cosmetics wholesalers or buy lots on auction sites or on sale. When you get a set quantity of certain items you can group them in your own smaller lots to get ready to sell.

You can also try selling wholesale for smaller cosmetics brands. These companies are looking for large volume sales.

Build an email customer list. Most smaller wholesale cosmetic dealers send out offers to their customers on a daily or as available basis. Customers can place orders through email and can be invoiced via google checkout or paypal.

Be sure to have a paypal and google checkout account for easy payments. Most wholesale vendors charge a percentage to cover the fees as well as charging seperate shipping costs.


  • Search google and wholesale message boards to find wholesale dealers.


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